‘My Little Crown’ Competition

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Don’t miss this opportunity to win a Sparkling Princess Crown!! Each crown is silver-plated and set with dazzling crystals perfect for your little princess!!

We are excited to announce the launching of our new website ‘My Little Crown’ featuring 4 stunning Princess Crown designs, guaranteed to brighten the face of your precious little princess.  The crowns are suitable for girls aged 3 – 12.  In celebration of our launch we are giving away 4 crowns, one of each design .

To enter this giveaway, all you need to do is:
1.  ‘Like’ My Little Crown on Facebook
2.  Share this ‘My Little Crown Competition’ photo on your Facebook Page
3. Leave a comment below the photo telling us which crown is your favorite.

You will automatically be entered into the draw.  Competition closes on July 14, 2013 @ 11:00pm CST and winners’ names will be drawn, announced and notified by Facebook on July 15, 2013.  Competition is open to all countries.


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Banana Chocolate Pudding

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Baking and Tasty Treats

This delicious chocolate pudding is simple to make and it’s hidden ingredient (avocado) increases it’s nutritional value to make it a healthy treat for your children.  Avocado contains essential nutrients including carotenoids, B complex, C and E vitamins, folic acid, and numerous minerals, such as potassium, magnesium, iron, calcium and phosphorus.

What you need:
4 bananas
2 cups coconut milk (or raw milk)
2 avocados
2 T organic cocoa powder
1/2 t cinnamon
1 T coconut oil (optional but highly recommended)
1 tsp organic vanilla extract
4 T coconut sugar/ raw sugar OR 4 medjool dates
1 cup ice
Semi-sweet choc chips (optional)

Place all the ingredients (except the choc-chips) into a blender and blend until smooth.

Place in bowls and sprinkle with choc-chips.  (I used beautiful glass bowls for my daughters which made it extra special)
Serves 4.

No prizes for the one who guesses who wanted second helpings! :)

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Healthiest and most Delicious Chocolate Fudge

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Baking and Tasty Treats, Slider

I found this simple recipe on The Nourishing Gourmet and this is one of our favorite treats.  It is easy to make, very healthy and extremely tasty.  No worries about refined sugar and it’s harmful effects, this treat is nutritious and the coconut oil in it has many wonderful benefits. I use granulated coconut sugar and grind it (in a coffee grinder).  If the coconut oil is hard I just run the bottle under warm-hotish water until enough coconut oil has softened for my use.  I don’t use a food processor, I just mix by hand. Give it a try.  It is simply d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s and your kids will love it!

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How to make a Flower Pen

Arts and Crafts

Flower pens are so cool to write with and also make great gifts.  My daughter made one for me for Mother’s Day as a surprise and I loved mine, so we made a whole lot more to give away as gifts

What you need is:
Material Flowers (you can get them cheap from the dollar store)
Mini Flower Pots
Green Masking Tape or Floral Tape (I used masking tape)
Colored pebbles or Fish Stones
Small tin bucket (optional)
Glue Gun

Cut off the back end of your pen (this part is strictly for an adult as you need a sharp knife to do the cutting)

Use your floral tape or masking tape to wrap around your pen starting at the beginning of your pen.
Younger children will need a little assistance.

Wrap the tape all the way to the top of the pen which will give the look of a flower stem.

Add a blob of glue from the glue gun to the back of your flower. (This is a job for you mom!)

Add a blob of glue to the cut away part of your pen

And press them together.

Fill your tin bucket with pebbles or fish stones.

And add your bouquet of flowers aka flower pens :)

You can fill a tiny flower pot with pebbles or coffee beans and add a flower pen as a cute little gift for someone.
Girls love flower pens!

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Simple Apple Snack

Baking and Tasty Treats

This simple, healthy snack is quick and easy to put together for your children.  All you need is sliced apples, almond butter and cinnamon.  Sprinkle some cinnamon on your apple slices and dip the apple pieces into the almond butter.

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Mini Pumpkin Candles Holders

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Arts and Crafts

Now that we are in pumpkin season I wanted to post a cute Harvest table decoration or Thanksgiving Center piece.

What you Need:
Mini Pumpkins
Tea lights
A knife
Craft Paint

Use the silver part of the tea light to make  the circle markings around it’s edge with your knife on your pumpkin middle.  Be careful not to make the circle  too big or there will be gaps around your tealight. (this is a job for you mom)

Don’t let the knife pierce bottom of your pumpkin.

Remove the middle.

Time for your kids to be creative and paint the pumpkins!

Now add your tealights.

This is perfect for a family dinner table decoration.  Once lit your children will admire their handiwork excitedly.
(Keep out of reach of very young little ones)
Make sure you have something underneath the pumpkins to protect your table from any candle wax.
Candle holders will last a few days.

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Paint with Water – Mess free

Arts and Crafts

I’m sure many of you are familiar with the Aquadoodle.  My children have spent many hours painting with water on their doodle mats which is actually the inspiration behind this little activity.  All you need is an outdoor patio or porch.

What you need:
Water and Paint brush

Now you can paint with water on your patio.
During extreme heat the water can dry very quickly which makes ‘painting’ pictures rather frustrating,  so this activity works best during moderate summer days.

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Watermelon Popsicles

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Baking and Tasty Treats

I bought a seasonal watermelon that is deliciously sweet so I attempted to make Watermelon ice lollies.  I first made the Popsicles by blending water melon, placing the juice in a mold and freezing them.  They turned out lovely.  Then I looked online for other ideas and saw recipes that added lemon juice.  My girls’ verdict is that they like the ones with the added lemon juice better.

4 cups of Water melon (de-seeded and chopped)
2 T Fresh lemon juice
1 T honey
pinch of salt (optional but definitely recommended)
Popsicle mold

Blend all the ingredients together until smooth.
Pour into a Popsicle mold and freeze until set (a few hours)


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Celery Boat – simple snack

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Baking and Tasty Treats

All you need for this simple snack is a stick of celery and your favorite nut butter.  The raisins are optional.  Place the nut butter (we used almond butter but peanut butter is also very tasty, preferably organic) in the celery hollow and top with a couple of raisins.  And there you have it!

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Frozen Grapes – a tasty summer treat

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Baking and Tasty Treats

Simply freeze your favorite grapes, red or green for a delicious summer treat!  Kids simply love the taste and it’s a wonderful, healthy snack.

Wash your grapes.  (Make sure you pick sweet grapes)

Take them off the stems and place them in a Ziploc bag.

Freeze them overnight.

Now you have tasty grape ice-cubes to nibble on.

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